Somehow I am always too lazy to travel a lot in the country where I live. But some corners of Germany can be incredibly beautiful and I am sure at some point I will regret not seeing more of them.

This summer while having to go to Munich for a visa appointment, I grabbed a chance to check out famous Bavaria.

One image from Germany always fascinated me - it was the picture of the cliffs on Ruegen island. And finally this summer I made it there thanks to relatively boring Pangea festival that we ran away from. I was incredibly disappointed by how touristic and overly-protected the park is until we finally managed to find a way down to the beach to discover this beauty and total silence.

And this year we paid Rügen another visit, this time in the winter. I like visiting places when no one else is there, so winter was a perfect time to get away from the crowds and feel the real roughness of the ocean and the nature.