The first part of my 2 month adventure starts on the island of Lombok. Initially planned as a 2 week stop over to get a bit of quiet time and some surf on the way to New Zealand and Australia; it turned out to be a lot more than that. Beautiful island, amazing people, great surf and some very memorable encounters.

Boat trip to Ekas - the one place I would love to surf again!

On our way to Mawi for early morning surf.

This proved to be a bit of a tough day for me. Seemingly small waves packed too much of a punch for my level. Sometimes you gotta have days like this though...

If you come here, take reef boots. That actually applies to most of the breaks at Lombok.

I fell in love with this place! Ashtari yoga studio, located right on the hill overlooking the bay. We did yin yoga here after a morning surf session and the experience was incredible - the power of the place, the view and my mental state at the time made it into a very special afternoon. They also have nice food in the restaurant.

Surfing at Seger. Thank you Jennie from Nalua Surf for the images.

Some waterfall jumping always brings a smile to my face :)
The trail back up goes through a jungle forestry with small water droplets and streams running down the leaves. Magical!

and this is definitely my favourite beach at Lombok...
Tanjung Aan at sunset time...